Simplified Cleaning Process

On-Site generation simplifies your cleaning process and reduces the need for training all while decreasing the number of cleaning products in your process and carts. You can create more closet space by eliminating your excess inventory of potentially outdated and dangerous chemicals.

Ccleen produces ONE simple concentrate solution that is diluted into water to clean and sanitise a variety of different surfaces. We help you eliminate the need to have bottles of different solutions for different surfaces. With a shelf life of up to 5 years, it’s time to remove all those bottles and replace it with the one sustainable one.

Improved Health and Safety

Most conventional and even “green” cleaning products require specialised equipment, protocols and caution when diluting/handling them. Janitors will often get negatively affected by chemicals and bleaches in standard cleaning products leading to both on on-the-job injury and loss in productivity. 

With On-Site Generation, there is reduced risk of chemical burns and reduced stress of purchasing and transporting large volumes of cleaning product. Ccleen, which is made of pure water, is non-corrosive and does not irritate the skin. 

The solution being generated on your land can guarantee no harmful additives and the degreasing power enables no residue to be left on surfaces, mitigating fall risks. We believe a clean and healthy environment translates into a healthy business.

Increased Sustainability

On-Site Generation can advance your organisation’s sustainability efforts and therefore elevate the profile of your facility.

Our product has virtually no packaging, shipping or storage wastes that would end up in landfills. The solution being purely water based has little to no carbon footprint. It’s non-corrosive nature also makes it soil-friendly and can be washed away without the need for customised clean-up.

Generating all your cleaning solutions on-site reduces your carbon footprint by up to 98%. We are as green as you can get. 

Lower Cost to Clean

Ccleen’s On-Site Generation is an inexpensive technology. It is one of the most cost-effective options and greatly lowers your company’s electricity and raw materials spending. The cost of ready-to-use (RTU) conventional packaged chemicals is typically higher than the cost of the same quantity of on site generated Cclean solution. 

By switching to “Ccleen” On-Site Generation, you will be significantly reducing your costs on purchasing harsh chemicals and too many cleaning products. We want you to save green while being green!


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