About Us


At Ccleen, we are leaders in single point and multi point on site generation for cleaning and sanitising solutions.

By reverse osmosis, Ccleen generators harness minerals, water and electricity to build cleaning and sanitising products that are safe, non-toxic and effective. 

Through our parent company Gentec who are ISO9001 quality management systems certified and our objective is to deliver greener products that eliminate risks and provide safer and healthier environments but fit for purpose technologies across many commercial facilities. 

Ccleen is about generation change , eliminating hazards of unsafe chemicals and replacing them with environmentally sustainable products that are safer to handle. Removing OHS risks from your staff and at the same time, ease the logistics by supplying the product across the whole facility.

Vision Statement

To help our customers live clean and healthy lives. 

Mission Statement 

Ccleen’s mission is to DIRID: 

D-Decrease harsh chemical footprint

I- Increase wellness to the population and the planet 

R- Reduce risk of contamination and infections 

I- Improve occupational health and safety across personal and business sectors 

D – Deliver a turnkey solution structure: Supply, installation, commissioning and servicing.


Unit 6, 20-28 Ricketty Street,
Mascot, NSW 2020, Australia

Our hours

10:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Monday – Friday

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Phone: (+612) 9319 4422
Email: sales@ccleen.com.au