The agriculture industry usually is characterized by high volumes of produce with low shelf-life. This makes it increasingly hard to commit to sustainable practices in terms of a cleaning cycle.  Especially with preservation of produce chemical and foaming substances are often used.  Ccleen is water based and therefore can be used around produce safely and for other surfaces where only corrosive materials were otherwise used.  It also helps solve the problem and damage caused by acid rain on surfaces exposed to it.  Problems cause by acid rain to land and agriculture respond well to high alkaline SAW with a pH of over 13.5. The potential for use of SAW for these sectors is expected to be huge in neutralizing the high acidity of soil and water.



  • Ability to produce as much or as little of the product as required
  • Long shelf life eliminating waste
  • Massive reduction in costs
  • Increased yield
  • Residue-free product that allows no after clean


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